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If you are looking for natural ways to achieve a youthful glowing skin, then Jade Roller should be on your list.

MoValues Jade Roller helps with the blood circulation thus giving you a relaxed and fairer skin tone. It’s a skincare tool that helps drain the fluid retained in your lymph that caused dark circles under your eyes.

This face roll has a lot to offer on your journey for a glowing skin. To maximize the benefits you’ll get from using this skincare tool, we listed up 8 easy natural steps to achieve a youthful glowing skin using a jade roller for face.

Prep your skin. You wouldn’t want your make-up products smudging all over your face while rolling the jade roller on it. To achieve the youthful glowing skin using a face roller, be sure to cleanse your face first before using the jade roller.

Use it before sleep. The best skincare routine before you sleep is massaging your skin with a face roller. It relaxes your skin and works as a treatment for the stress that you’re skin had gone through the whole day. So, using this makes you feel relaxed thus results to a better night sleep and glowing skin.

Use it in the morning. As this products helps blood circulation, it’s a great addition to your morning skin care routine. Just like physical exercise that you do in the morning to warm your body up, using a face roller in the morning warms up the lymphatic drainage and blood circulation on your face.

Refrigerate it before use for extra soothing experience. Chilling is one of the famous methods to prep different skincare products. So, even jade roller actually works better when chilled. It helps hydrate skin thus giving you a more glowing skin.

Dip it in a cold water. If you don’t have a fridge or don’t want to store skincare products in it, you can just prepare a bowl of water with ice cubes in it. So, you’ll just dip your jade roller in the bowl of cold water, wait for few minutes and then apply the roller on your face. Dip it again everytime it losses its cold.

Use it with serum. Using jade roller after applying a serum is really great as it helps the product to penetrate on your skin. You may apply the serum directly on your face then spread it all over. Then, use the jade roller to massage the serum on your face.

Use it before putting make-up on. One quick method to prep your face before putting on make-up is to massage your face with jade roller. It helps revitalizes and relaxes your face and ready for the products you are about to apply.

Avoid storing it in a place with high-temperature. To keep its properties as good as always, store it properly and avoid it making contact with any hot surface. Just like other gemstones, it loses its color when exposed too much on heat.

Now, that you have these tips, what are you waiting for? Give your skin a treat and try the rose quartz roller for yourself!

Don’t have one? You can buy it HERE:

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