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A quick search online on how to get younger looking skin will reveal that drinking alcohol is one of the major “Don’ts”. Alcohol is bad for our skin because it prevents us from getting the right amount of deep sleep we need and causes us to retain water, bloat and puff. Many buy natural jade roller for face, like MoValues's, to quickly depuff in the morning. But what about red wine? It’s technically alcohol but is loaded with antioxidants. Is red wine bad for our skin too?

The good news is red wine is beneficial for the skin – in moderation. A daily treat of 4oz gets us all the positives and not the negatives. What makes red wine good for our skin?

Fights skin aging 

Red wine has polyphenols and resveratrol, powerful antioxidants that promote collagen and elastin production while combating cell oxidation and common signs of skin aging. Even if we buy natural jade roller for face so that our skin absorbs our moisturizers’ antioxidants, the synergy of our skin care routine is better if we also ingest these antioxidants.

Fights inflammation

Resveratrol isn’t only about fighting wrinkles and glowing skin, it’s also anti-inflammatory and a natural anti-microbial. It prevents or slows down the growth of bacteria which causes acne. It strengthens our skin’s ability to heal itself, so if you have acne it won’t be there for long. Finally, it prevents or minimizes the chances of scarring from acne. 

How to use red wine 

Drink it 

Have a 4oz glass of vino a day, preferably dinner. Aside for getting all those powerful antioxidants, drinking red wine regularly has a host of other benefits. From promoting better sleep, raising our good cholesterol, to fighting Alzheimer’s and cancer. The key is moderation and consistency. 

Spot treatment 

You can use red wine as a spot treatment. Just soak a cotton ball or bud in red wine and apply on the inflamed area. 

Buy natural jade roller for face and pair with DIY mask  

Red wine makes a very simple but effective face mask. Decant red wine in a bottle spray and spray all over the face. On clean face, spray some red wine and leave on for 10-20 minutes. Rinse. Follow with your usual skin care routine. Apply moisturizer and use your jade roller to make sure your skin drinks 100% of your moisturizer. You can also make more luxurious versions of DIY masks by replacing water with red wine such as the classic oatmeal mask. Instead of water, add red wine to ground oatmeal until a thick paste is formed. Leave on the face for 10-20 minutes and rinse. Follow-up the mask with a face massage using your jade roller. 

DIY sunburn treatment 

Red wine makes an excellent sunburn treatment. Take a cotton ball and soak in red wine. Apply over sunburned area. The wine naturally disinfects the sunburned area and help the skin heal faster.

White vs Red 

Both white and red wine are made with grapes, so their chemical composition is very similar. The difference is in the color – the deep red color of red wine means it has higher antioxidants than white wine. White wine also has a bit more sugar than red, and we all know sugar eats out skin’s collagen and elastin. If you’re drinking wine purely for skin benefits, it must be red. Red wine is an exception to the no alcohol rule when it comes to skin health. Wine drinkers rejoice every time a new study affirms the many benefits of red wine, specially when it comes to skin. Or maybe they missed the part where intake should be limited to 4oz daily.

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