Warranty Information

About Our Policy

  1. This warranty covers any defects in materials used to manufacture the products. You may request for a replacement if the product is defective. Each case shall be reviewed and handled separately while MoValues reserves the right to decide whether to refund, replace or claim warranty from the manufacturer.

  2. Any returned goods within the period for refund must be in its original condition (together with its original packaging, user manual, accessories and any material that comes with it), or else MoValues reserves the right not to accept or refund in full. For products that arrive damaged or break within the warranty period, MoValues will refund or replace the said product at no additional cost to the buyer.

  3. This warranty shall be deemed void, by MoValues, in the event of:
    (a) any willful modification or alteration in any way made to any part of the product by any persons other than MoValues. 
    (b) any damage caused by misuse, misapplication, negligence, accident, natural calamities, or physical force; or 
    (c) any damage caused by human error (breakage due to dropping) - Exception for the product has arrived damaged. 


  4. Buyer must provide Amazon Order Number, together with proof of defective product (pictures) in order to claim warranty. 

  5. This warranty is Only Applicable to Jade Roller, Rose Quartz Roller, and Amethyst Roller. It is NOT applicable to "Gua Sha" and "Mask Applicator Brush". 

  6. Each roller can only be replaced once. MoValues only offer "One-time Replacement" for the defective Jade Roller, Rose Quartz Roller, and Amethyst Roller within the warranty period.